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Small 4 Tier Counter Display Unit

For custom design point of sale items, in full colour finish and large quantities see www.cardworks.co.uk
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Small 4 Tier Counter Display Unitcounter display units,cardboard displays, retail display, greeting card display units

4 Shelf Counter display unit, made from white B-flute Corrugated cardboard for the base unit and E Flute corrugated for the inside tiers. Comes in flat pack. The tiers have small curved lips which are every few inches to stop the cards falling off. The unit slopes backwards to help keep the cards in the correct position. Assembly instructions are included in the pack.

Contains 4 tiers (3 plus Base level) each tier shelf is 42mm deep and rises by 52mm above the last one. Header Card is optional.

  • Flat Packed size: 560mm x 460mm
  • Base Size: 337mm x 235mm
  • Back Height: 285mm
  • Front Height: 85mm
  • Shelf Length (Internal): 322mm

The pack of cards shown in this display unit measure approx 100mm wide x 150mm tall. Please NOTE: This item is sold packed flat for assembly & make up at store.

Click Here To Browse Our Online Shop & Prices

Click Here To Browse Our Online Shop
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