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Trading since 1972, 40 years


  Header Cards

  Cube boxes

  Large format Posters

  Showcards / Standees

  Charity / Badge Boxes

  Counter Display Units

  CD DVD Dispenser Units

  Entry form boxes

  Floor Display Units FSDU

  Floor Dump Bins

  Euro hook display units

  Standees-Up to 6ft Tall

  Business Card Holders

  DL Leaflet Dispensers

  A6 Leaflet Dispensers

  A5 Leaflet Dispensers

  A4 Leaflet Dispensers

  Strut Supports

  Wobblers / Penpots

Exibition/Store Display Units

  Forecourt Swing Signs

  Grip Frames

  Roller Pull Up Stands

  Pop up Display Systems



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Important information we require to be able to provide a quotation from your enquiry:

Quantities, Dimensions and if printed or plain, of the item you require We need a range of quantities to quote on, as the way we produce the job is very much dependent on quantity, we have facilities to produce very short runs by printing using digital print and cutting machines or for longer runs by mounting boards to corrugated or solid boards. You can give us a range of quantities if you wish.

We also need dimensions, either of the Point of Sale unit (POS unit) or of the items you wish to pack in a Unit along with the number of items to go in the unit. If a header card, we would need an approximate weight of the item to determine what thickness board would be best, also the width and the depth, whether you want a euroslot, round or square corners, once we have this information a quotation will be able to be produced.

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